" This is the first year that we have worked with Renner and Company for our annual A-133 audit and Form 990 filing. Even with auditors who are familiar with our organization, there is so much stress and difficulty that come with an audit. I was very hesitant to switch! Everyone at Renner, especially Andrew Young, made the audit process painless and relatively stress-free. They are so willing to provide guidance, support, recommendations, and encouragement. I'm very pleased with their services and look forward to working with them for years to come "

" As a long time client my wife and I have always been impressed with the responsiveness and thoroughness to any questions we have posed and the professionalism exhibited throughout the time we have been clients. "

" Talk about removing all the hassle and stress from the tax season. Returns are prepared quickly, accurately and because of the documents given months In advance, very little Input from the client. It's nice to know that once one returns all relevant documents, you can forget about your returns. The expert preparers at Renner have it all covered. A real blessing. "

" I appreciate deeply the staff of Renner and Company. The whole staff is so efficient and caring as well as having great expretise in the field. What appears to be so complicated, they make the task so simple for the ordinary tax person. Thank You so much for your caring assistance in preparing these forms. "

" Renner and Company is a very organized and professional accounting firm and team that really takes the time to personally assist their clients with all of their unique financial situations to best advise them how to file correctly and plan.. The Tax Organizer and Tax Law Updates that Renner and Company mail out yearly to all clients are extremely helpful in gathering the pertinent information needed to file efficiently and correctly. I don't know what our entire family would do without them! "

" I have total confidence in the Renner team and have recommended them to my friends and colleagues. Thank You, Renner and Company for being so professional. You take away the stress we feel at tax time. "

" I don't think I could function without knowing I have your company looking out for me. Your service has been invaluable! "

" We have been using Renner & Company for over 10 years. Although I used to do my taxes myself, it became too complicated, and based on a recommendation from another client of Renner, we turned everything over to them in about 2003.What I like is that I no longer have to worry....they know the tax laws, and prepare our taxes so that I pay only what needs to be paid...nothlng more. Plus, I have peace of mind. They know what they are doing. Finally, they stand behind their work. I've never been disappointed. Always prompt, courteous, and professional. They have my total trust. I like having them as my asset...valuable...and part of my "family." "

" I can't say enough about the excellent service I've received in the last year, since my husband's passing. He couldn't have put me in better hands! "

" We have worked with Renner for more than 15 years. They are highly professional and attentive and responsive to our unique needs,We would recommend them highly. "

" Great service for over a decade. Appreciate the personal attention given to me by the Renner "