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Nine Changes You Didn’t Expect for Your Nonprofit Financial Statements Click to view more

Would you Drive Blindfolded? Click to view more
Why you need controllership

Anti-Fraud Controls Click to view more
When good intentions are not enough!

Nonprofit in the News-Oops! Click to view more
Implementing internal controls within your nonprofit organization can help prevent fraud or other mishaps.

Affordable Care Act-What Can You Do Now? Click to view more
As an employer know what the provisions and action items your organization will need to know.

Why is it on my W-2? Click to view more
Knowing how to help your employees read their W-2 can help them understand their salary, and also help to get a head-start when preparing their taxes.

Help Your Donors Maximize Tax Savings – Charitable Donations from IRA allowed for 2013 Click to view more
Help your donors reduce their taxes by suggesting that they make their donations directly from their IRA accounts.

ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONS – Are You Leaving a Window Open for Fraud? Click to view more
Nonprofit execs and Board members have a duty to be sure new controls are in place to keep assets safe.

Automated Accounts Payable – Saying Goodbye to Paper Click to view more
Automated accounts payable offer an efficient and often affordable manner of conducting your payable business.

Nonprofit Operating Reserves – Developing New Policies; Part III  Click to view more
In this final segment I will examine methods for establishing and funding the Operating Reserve and developing policies for governing the safeguarding and spending of an Operating Reserve.

Charitable Deduction Documentation Requirements – How to Help your Donors Get Their Deductions Click to view more
If your individual donors itemize their deductions on their tax returns, they are very interested in taking a deduction for contributing to your organization. The law is very clear, however, that if individuals do not have documentation, they are not allowed to take the deduction for their donation. That makes it very important for qualified organizations to provide proper documentation to their donors.

Nonprofit Operating Reserves – Good Governance for Tough Times; Part II Click to view more
Nonprofit Operating Reserves – An Issue Whose Time is Now; Part I Click to view more
Charities and Political Activity – Steering Clear of Risks in an Election Year Click to view more
Understanding your Audit Results: Interpreting Typical Audit Findings to Determine Reasonable Board Responses Click to view more
Direct Mail Costs – Program or Fundraising? Click to view more
Employer-Provided Cell Phones -Updated Guidelines Click to view more
Your Website: Asset or Expense? Click to view more
The Charity Scorecard Click to view more
Nonprofit Compensation and the IRS Click to view more
Accounting for Leases – Major changes proposed Click to view more
Senate Repeals 1099 Provisions Click to view more
Board Member Review of Form 990 Click to view more
Foreign Offices Click to view more
Preparing for IRS Focus on Trade Associations Click to view more
Three Keys to a Successful Audit Click to view more
RAFFLES-The Right Way Click to view more
Finance Vs. Audit Committee – Should there be a difference?  Click to view more
Are your Assets Protected? Click to view more

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