Forensic Accounting

We look beyond the numbers and help our clients cut through to the business reality of the situation.

In our forensic accounting services, we analyze accounting records and present financial and business related issues in a manner which is both understandable and properly supported.

Some examples include:

  • Misappropriation of funds and cash receipts by employees or contractors – procedures to determine the extent of embezzlement,
  • Shareholders’ and partnership disputes – detail analysis of years of accounting records to quantify the issues in dispute, such as compensation and benefits received by each of the disputing shareholders or partners,
  • Matrimonial disputes – tracing, locating and evaluating assets, including businesses, property or other assets,
  • Family accounts – summarizing account transactions for review by family members,
  • Tracing real estate transactions among multiple entities – reconstructing accounting records to support clients’ claims,
  • Review the situation and provide suggestions regarding possible courses of action.