Renner Business News, April 3, 2018—Taking an RMD?  Giving to charity?  Here’s some good tax news.

Your charitable donations make good things happen in the world.  Although you’re not expecting a reward, a tax deduction makes it easier to give.  Individual taxpayers who have reached age […]

Are medical deductions worth my time?

Renner Business News, February 15, 2018 Tax Prep Tip:  are medical deductions worth my time? It’s too late for the Big Game, and too early for March Madness.  Yet there’s […]

2018 Tax Due Dates

Renner Business News, February 8, 2018—Mark Your Calendar—2018 Tax Due Dates Tax is all about deadlines.  We may have a blizzard, a flu epidemic or a government shutdown, but the […]

Alert To Virginia Corporations Regarding Solicitations

FROM “VIRGINIA COUNCIL FOR CORPORATIONS” (11/25/2014) The State Corporation Commission has received inquiries recently about unsolicited mailings directed to Virginia corporations from Virginia Council for Corporations, 7330 Staples Mill Road, #402, Richmond, […]